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Par G5 Drive Thru Solutions

Ontec have installed hundreds of drive thru communication systems across Scandinavia and Europe. We work with large and small organisations including Burger King, KFC, Carls Jr and many more.

If establishing your first drive thru on a new or existing site, our team can help with layouts and service requirements.

As an experienced, authorised distributor and service agent for Par G5 Digital Intercoms Systems, our customers enjoy seamless installation, professional training plus reliable, long term service, repairs and upgrades.

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The new G5 headset seamlessly connects to your existing XT1 base station and new base stations. The lighter weight headset provides enhanced comfort. Par G5 professional design results in increased durability.

The patent pending modular design enables fast in-store repairs. Your headsets never have to leave your store.

Benefits of Par G5 headsets include:

  • ^Superior sound clarity
  • ^Advanced noise reduction
  • ^Lighter in weight (20% less than the current headset) – comfortable to wear
  • ^Easier identification – the right messages go to the right crew members
  • ^Automatic low battery and out-of-range indicators
  • ^More durable with touch buttons and no on off switch
  • ^Smart Battery technology
  • ^Haptics Technology (vibrations like your smart phone)
  • ^Easier adjustments to ensure team comfort
  • ^Stronger headband and microphone boom for enhanced durability

Customisable messages can be used to encourage up-sell and improve productivity

  • ^Use up to 8 greeter messages to promote key products
  • ^Recorded alerts can include alerts such as “back door open” and general reminders can help maintain compliance e.g. “Check rest rooms”
  • ^Messages can be scheduled by time of day, e.g. “Good Morning or “Good Evening”

Proffesionalism is our middle name!

Headset Resources & Downloads

Headset Registration

To communicate with your base station, your headsets must first be registered with the system.

To view instructions on how to register or remove headsets from your base station

Headset Return

If you need to return your headset to Ontec or repair,

Simply download, print and complete the headset return form.
Visit our dedicated Headset Returns page for more information.

Visit our Headset Returns page by CLICKING HERE

Base Stations

With a smaller footprint and dual lane capability, the new G5 base station offers advanced noise reduction at the menu post and acoustic echo cancellation.

It also has a built-in greeter and superior sound quality.

With drive thru sales continuing to increase, we’ve seen more restaurants are requesting a double or dual drive-thru system to reduce lane length and wait times for customers. The Par G5 Drive-Thru base station frees up premium wall space and reduced footprint. It is compatible with both the Par G5 and XT-1 headset systems, and can easily be upgraded from a single- to a dual-lane system within minutes, right in the store.

Prefabricated vehicle loops

Prefab vehicle loops are installed prior to pouring your driveway. This method means new drive thru surfaces do not have to be cut. Installation of prefab loops prior to pour also makes the loop more reliable.

There are a range of loops suitable for most popular drive through surfaces, including concrete or bitumen.

Ontec can also supply and install detection loop kits for boom gates, roller doors or for vehicular access control.


Vehicle Detectors

Ontec can supply the solution with vehicle detector cards, which enables loops to interface with your existing systems.

We can recommend and install loop solutions for unusual sites where a standard vehicle loop may not be suitable.

Vehicle Loop

With our extensive knowledge of vehicle loops and vehicle detectors, we can complete regular maintenance or undertake repairs as needed.

Headset presentation

Headset maintenance

Headset Charging Instructions

Headset assembly

Headset Product Overview

Drive thru Headset Operation

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